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A New Excavation


The Background

Early Research

The First Season (2002)

The Archaeological Investigations of 2003


The Archaeological Investigations of 2003

From June 23 to July 11, 2003, workers employed by the Istituto Tata Giovanni dug foundations for two elevators in the SE court of Palazzo Pio, reached from Via di Grotta Pinta, 19.

Their Trench C, adjacent to the east wall of the small SE court of Palazzo Pio, revealed numerous animal bones that preserve traces of cooking and pottery fragments that date from the 13th to the 15h centuries. In the south zone of the Trench, a fragmentary brick-faced wall preserves a bit of painted plaster from a much-damaged fresco that may date to the Domitianic restoration of the Theater.

Pio Palace   2003 excavations
Fig. 11.Partial plan of the Pio Palace. The excavations of 2003 took  place in court No. 31 and Room No. 29.  

Fig. 12. Plan of the 2003 excavations


View of  Saggio   Fresco fragmentFig. 14. Fresco fragment from Trench C 31 (above, Fig. 11) looking east.
Fig. 13. View of  Saggio (= Trench) C  in Court.  



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